Why is our Fashion Business Course different?

This course teaches branding, pricing, sales, marketing and business strategy for fashion brands. There are other courses on the market but they don’t teach what we teach – they focus on visual merchandising and buying and they don’t offer any insights into what you will go through as a fashion entrepreneur with a new label to grow.

This is why you have to study with us (I know that sounds rather firm, but I have seen other courses and they won’t help you like we can).

I get you.

I had my own label and retail store a decade ago before I worked in fashion marketing and sales for bigger brands, and before I qualified in marketing.

fashion business courseI totally get your struggles, your worries about money, your fights with your partner or parents who don’t get you. I’ve been through all of this, it was heartbreaking and depressing, and I decided that I won’t let others struggle like I struggled.

The thing is, you can’t do this on your own.

You need help.

If you can’t hire a marketing manager or marketing director you need to learn how to do this job yourself. If you can’t hire a business development manager you need to learn how to be one.

And this is what you will learn in our course.

You will learn how to price your garments correctly, how and where to sell them, how to reach a new audience, how to stay relevant, how to grow every part of the business and what you need for consistent growth.

It sounds so simple when I summarise the hours of content and multitude of lessons in the course but that’s it when it comes down to the wire.

Income is vital for your success, desirability impacts income, pricing impacts income and poor business choices impact income.

Stop making mistakes and make 2016 the year you see a profit. I am with you every step of the way.


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