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Promoting a brand new business entails more work than most business owners probably anticipate. It takes a lot of preparation and systematic execution. That’s why it’s important to pick the promotional strategies that you know you have the capacity to implement in terms of budget and manpower.

By carefully adapting promotional strategies that are in line with your marketing resources and goals (and budget), you are setting yourself up for a successful business.

To give you some ideas, here are cost-effective promotional strategies that are perfect for new brands:

Run a social media competition

Frequently used as a promotional strategy by many B2C (business to consumer) companies, running a competition on your social media pages and accounts is a great way to garner customer attention and engage existing followers.

The secret to a successful social media content is offering desirable prizes that are in line with your brand. And most importantly, make it simple, fun, and easy to join.

Pro tip: For more reach, cross promote the competition across all your marketing platforms. If you are hosting your contest via Facebook, announce it on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube Channel, and Pinterest. Keep the entry mechanism simple and the prize attractive, and don’t forget to send out a newsletter to your email list!


contest 2

Consistently utilise email marketing

Email is a cost effective way to make customers get to know your brand and keep them engaged.

It’s a great way to delve deeper into your brand story, to expose what makes you stand out from other brands, to offer an insight into your world and to highlight the quality of your products.

For best results, set up your email marketing and automation systems ahead of time. Customise your themes, design your templates, and create content in advance.

Decide how often you need to send a newsletter. Will it be once a week? Bi-monthly? Monthly? Just remember that the key here is consistency. If you are short on time I would say do a fortnightly campaign, and then as you have more time (or help in your business) switch to weekly. Monthly is only 12 times a year and that’s hardly a relationship, is it?

Pro tip: If you haven’t decided what email marketing software you’ll sign up for, I highly recommend Mail Chimp. It’s easy to use, easy to design in and has wonderful reports.

email newsletter fashion

Host a Bloggers’ / influencers’ night

Blogging has made a big impact in the way companies do Public Relations these days.

Before buying, customers tend to look for reviews online as part of their decision-making process. Blogs and vlogs have become a common source for unbiased product information. Just think about it, how many first-impression reviews have you watched on Youtube before buying a new lipstick?

Invite influential bloggers and influencers in your industry for an exclusive opportunity to see and review your new products, and network with other bloggers as well.

Pro tip: How to approach bloggers? Ready my helpful post which will tell you how to reach out to influencers.

NYX cosmetics blogger event
NYX cosmetics blogger event

Offer a customer referral incentive program

This is very common for e-commerce businesses and I am sure that you have come across this while browsing your favourite online store. These are ads on the homepage that says “Refer-a-friend, get 20% off!” or something similar. Referral incentive programs are a great way to spread the message with less work.

Depending on which e-commerce platform you use, you can access plugins or extensions that help you set up Affiliate or Referral programs with ease.


Utilise Instagram ads

Facebook owns Instagram and has recently brought Instagram ads into the Facebook Ads Manager area. This makes is super easy to show ads (photos, graphics or videos) on Instagram.

For more information check out Facebook’s business portal for Instagram Advertising Basics.

Instagram fashion adsInstagram ads


These are just some strategies that are used by small business marketers. Regardless of your brand’s products or service, or what niche you are in, having a strong set of promotional strategies will help position your brand under a favourable light.

What can you do today to make sure you are noticed and that you stay in front of mind?

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