How to get the most out of your marketing plan

A solid marketing plan is one of the foundations of a successful fashion business. The fashion industry is hugely competitive and for someone who’s just starting to learn the ropes, you need to be able to learn how to distinguish yourself and stay ahead of competition. Your marketing plan aligns all your marketing efforts and helps you in measuring your success in relation to your business goals.

To get the most out of your plan, you need to define your audience, set specific goals, and establish timelines by which to measure those goals. A marketing plan would also specify which marketing channels to explore and how you intend to use them in accordance to your goals.

What’s your brand story?

To create an effective plan for marketing, you first need to define your brand equity statement in the simplest terms. This statement would embody what your brand is and what it isn’t, and would influence everything from your key demographic to your design and marketing materials.

An effective brand statement can be as short as two sentences.

Sample statement: “Brand Y is a hip Australian teen-wear collection featuring innovative designs and the latest trends for young women aged 11 to 18. Brand Y is unique because designs are inspired by celebrities young people of today look up to, at accessible prices.”

Identify your customers

If you don’t know your audience, you’ll have difficulty reaching them. Define your strengths and match these to the needs of your customers.

Know your customers on a personal level and you’ll be better able to craft a marketing message that resonates with them. Aside from determining their age, their socioeconomic status, and their location, you need to dig deeper and find out about their habits, their desires, and other factors that drive their buying decisions.

Develop your marketing strategy

There are many aspects to marketing and now that you have your brand and your audience narrowed down, you can start developing a more focused marketing strategy. Which marketing channels would you like to explore and what marketing tactics will you employ for each channel?

You can come up with an integrated strategy that covers digital marketing, PR, advertising, events and brand ambassador marketing. Goals for each channel could vary into awareness, generating leads, or direct sale, and it’s up to you to define these.

Don’t rush it

Creating a plan for marketing isn’t as easy as it sounds. Generally, it’s recommended that you write a marketing plan that covers the span of a year. It could be a long painstaking process but I guarantee that it’s worth it. You need to specify the steps on how you plan to achieve your marketing goals. Be as detailed as possible. Once you have a viable plan ready, the rest becomes easier because you’d already have a clear vision of what needs to be done.

Learn to be adaptable

As you begin implementing and measuring the results of your plan, you’ll find that some tactics yield better results than others. This is why it’s also essential to review your plan periodically and make sure that it’s flexible enough so that you can make adjustments when necessary. Replicate efforts on tactics that work well and reconsider ones that fall flat. At the end of each year, evaluate if you’re able to meet your goals and find ways on how to further improve your marketing strategy.

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