When to hire a Marketing Manager for your label?

Too busy to write a blog, post on Instagram, or network with influencers in your industry? Is marketing falling to the bottom of your priority list, with activities not being done? It might be time to hire a Marketing Manager

At some point in your business journey, you’ll reach a time when you can no longer wear many hats, and managing marketing activities on top of everything else will seem completely overwhelming.

If you are a one-woman (or man) show then marketing can command a huge portion of your time and life. When that time comes, hiring a Marketing Manager to get marketing tasks off your to-do list could be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Why? Because marketing is a talent and a taught skill so anyone with a passion for your brand and solid marketing experience can come in to relieve you of this task – but only you can manage the business direction and growth.

Paying for someone to do your marketing may seem like an outlay but it’s actually an investment. In your role as CEO and Creative Director you are worth more per hour than what you will pay a Marketing Manager so if you’re not outsourcing your marketing you’re actually losing money.

You should be working on new product development, trend research, business strategy, hiring and managing staff, sales strategy and looking after your best clients. The Marketing Manager can help you with building the brand, getting sales and enquiries, and managing your marketing budget.

A Marketing Manager is your secret weapon in growing brand awareness. This person is responsible for translating your business objectives into activities that will get your brand the exposure it needs.

The duties of a fashion Marketing Manager vary and in bigger teams the Marketing Manager has a specific function – to oversee marketing executives, assistants, administrators and interns, and to drive the marketing strategy for the business.

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In smaller businesses the Marketing Manager is a generalised role and can include:

Social Media Management: Managing Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter all marketing opportunities that can supplement your offline marketing activities effectively. Under the social media manager hat also cover email and sms marketing.

Public Relations: Your marketing manager knows where your clientele hang out. He or she can arrange event sponsorships, visit hotels, spas, malls or any place that your customers would likely go, to offer promos and discounts. Networking with key influencers in your industry is also important and connecting with bloggers, models, and the movers and shakers in your industry is a must.

Corporate Social Responsibility: He or she is responsible for creating activities that will have a positive impact to the community. Part of the job is to create brand awareness using low-cost advertising opportunities like auctions, charities, fun runs, and other community events that are deem helpful to you.

E-commerce Marketing: There are distinct differences in marketing offline and online. For brands which sole marketing platform is the internet, make sure that your marketing manager is well-versed in digital marketing platforms because e-commerce success is a combination of multiple online marketing components, such as content, email, social media, graphics design, paid advertisements, and other similarly important channels.

The tasks and responsibilities of a marketing manager vary, depending on the needs of the brand and the business phase it is, the skills you need may differ.

Nevertheless, I believe in delegating tasks primarily because in the fashion business, creativity needs time and space to grow and a marketing manager can help with that.

What if you can’t afford a full time Marketing Manager?

See if you can hire them part time, or work with a freelance marketer to help you get started.

You can also outsource marketing activities to an agency, and there are many around so do your research and choose the best option that suits your brand and your budget.

What if you need to manage your marketing yourself in the meantime?

If you’re overwhelmed with marketing tasks and would love to learn how to streamline your current efforts then join us in the The Fashion Darling School of Business online course and learn the essentials of fashion marketing and business operations for start ups.

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