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I’m Vanja Stace and I’m a fashion marketing consultant in Sydney but I have clients from around the world. Brunei, San Francisco, New York, London, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth – just to name a few. I work mostly with startups and young brands, and I help them create their identity and strategy, reach their desired audience and make profit.

My clients are in different stages of their business lifecycle – some are so new they don’t even have a name, others have been operating for 2-3 years with low sales, some have been around as a part time hobby and they need to made into a real business.

Because my clients are varied, my work varies too. I am going to break up my services into three parts so they’re easier to understand.


Fashion marketing phase 1 – brand spanking new

Many clients come to me with ideas for a label, an idea for their business and they need help with the all or some of the following:

  • Naming & taglines
  • Defining target markets and ideal buyer persona (avatar)
  • Brand identity (visual appearance) – logo, swing tags, packaging etc.
  • Brand strategy
  • Product pricing
  • Business plan
  • Creating sales channels and deciding what’s suitable for your brand
  • Communication strategy
  • Brand guidelines
  • Choosing domain, hosting and email providers
  • Website/e-commerce strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing plan
  • Social media strategy



Fashion marketing phase 2 – post launch

In this phase you have a brand, you’ve released a collection and you need help with raising brand awareness. I can help you with:

  • Reviewing / implementing the marketing strategy
  • Blogger and influencer campaigns
  • Revising your pricing
  • Revising your sales channels
  • Revising and analysing your marketing activities
  • Recommending contractors to outsource your marketing activities to
  • Identifying brand collaboration opportunities for cross promotion



Fashion marketing phase 3 – growing the business

Some of my clients already have a brand, a website, some social media activity and they wish to do better, to get more sales.

I can help with:

  • Reviewing and analysing existing marketing efforts and strategy
  • Writing a new marketing strategy and plan
  • Implementing the marketing strategy
  • Connecting you with ghost bloggers and social media assistants so you can outsource some of your activities
  • Identifying new sales opportunities
  • Revising pricing
  • Revising manufacturing processes
  • identifying ways to decrease costs and increase profits
  • Reviewing your website and analysing it via Google Analytics to identify improvement opportunities

These are just some of the ways I can help you, but I can give you specific information once we connect.

I would love to chat with you about your label, to see what you are going through and to identify opportunities.

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