Fashion marketing basics – how to get started

Fashion marketing is as dynamic as the fashion industry itself. What worked 10 years ago may no longer work today.

Brands in the fashion space are constantly trying to get on board with the way the rest of the world is marketing – online. And there are tools to help you improve, thrive and survive if you are willing to learn and adapt.

However, it is no secret that even in a world where people are spoilt for choice and have countless ways to make money selling fashion, there are many businesses that still struggle and fail to make profits.

So, the question is what is the secret to a successful marketing in the fashion business?

Actually, the secret is no secret at all. It starts with the basics and a good understanding of the true meaning of marketing.

What really is marketing?

Marketing is not just fashion shows, public relations, an apparel show, or a celebrity endorser. These are marketing activities and tactics, but marketing is bigger than that. Marketing includes your price, where you are sold, how you communicate, AND how you promote your business.

In order to be effective, your marketing efforts have to be targeted to your audience, and they need to have an ROI (return on investment).

What makes a good marketing campaign?

In my experience, a results-oriented marketing campaign includes 4 distinct characteristics and if you are serious in making profits, your marketing plan should…

1. Offer the right item to the right customer

In my previous posts, I’ve mentioned the importance of knowing your target audience to the point of being specific which websites they read or the types of content they consume because getting in the mind of your customer is the secret to perfect your brand and choose the right tools that relate to them.

By offering the right item to the right customer, your marketing will be more effective.

2. Differentiate your brand

When people start selling products, they look inside their industry and imitate how big brands present their appearance, price their items or post photos on Instagram. This is a common mistake most entrepreneurs make.

If you want to stand out from your competitors, do not put your company in the same category as your competitors so you can say “Hey, I sell that too!” Good marketing establishes how unique you are in the minds of your consumers. If you’re not different to your competitor why should the customer switch from their product to yours?

3. Use cost-effective channels

If it costs you $1000 to sell a $100 t-shirt, it is obvious that your marketing strategy is not working. One of your business objectives is to reduce costs and reduce the cost of each sale so revise your efforts continually and see which efforts yield big results for a small cost. This is what we call the sweet spot – know what it is and evaluate as you go.

4. Track results

Marketing is pointless if you can’t keep track of the results of each approach you use:

  • If you’re advertising make sure you evaluate the success of each of your ads, and revise your targeting options
  • If you are going on sale, create different coupons for that sale for various channels –  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and email campaigns – so that you can measure the success of each channel or that particular sale
  • Look at Facebook Insights to track your content success
  • Look at Google Analytics to measure website activities
  • Look at email marketing reports to see what makes a campaign successful

Does your marketing plan include these four key characteristics?


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