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Yes absolutely. You will learn skills and strategies not taught in fashion school. This is a business course, and not a design course.
Yes you can. As long as you have a fashion product you can sell, you can do this course.
Absolutely. You can appropriate what you learn to suit your budget .
About 3-6 hours per week. This includes watching the lessons and doing homework.
Yes it will! We live in an age of the global marketplace, so all of this information will still be relevant and useful.
After payment you would have received an email asking you to create an account in the website, so check your email and once you create an account you can access the units as they become available. You will receive an email every Monday to remind you that a new unit is available. Each unit has videos and worksheets in it so you can get the lesson and then do the work that week.
If one of your part payments doesn’t go through it is your responsibility to pay us as soon as possible. If a payment doesn’t go through you will no longer have access to the course until you pay the arrears. It is your responsibility to check that you have sufficient funds in your bank or PayPal account, and that your enrolment is up to date.
If you feel this course is not for you, you can get a refund by emailing us at learn@thefashiondarling.com and submitting all of your completed homework worksheets. You will get a lot of value from this course, so we need to make sure you actually did the work before you stop learning with us.