Launch your fashion label

Business is hard and there is no fast-track to success. It takes the right strategy, experience, talent and a lot of hard work.

Launch your fashion label with absolute confidence and finally turn this dream into a reality.

Learn how to structure your business for maximum profitability and maximum brand value. Correct fundamental business mistakes and carve a successful strategy.

The course consists of 6 units which are designed to help you understand the processes used by a fashion business, and to teach you business & marketing skills and strategies not offered in fashion degrees.

Course details

Course name: Launch your fashion label
Course fee: AUD $647 one-off payment or
6 x weekly payments of $116.50
Study format: Online, self directed
Course duration: 6 weeks
Start date: Start as soon as you enrol
Completion deadline:  No deadline
Module release: Weekly
Support: Tutor email support and private Facebook group
Access: Lifetime access
Certificate: Completion Certificate
Course outcome: Learn how to launch your fashion label

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6 x weekly payments

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Who is this course for?

People who would like to start a fashion label, existing fashion business owners who don’t have a background in fashion business, fashion brands that haven’t been making money and need to turn their business around.

What will I learn?

In this course you will learn about branding, marketing, buying, selling, PR and business management. This is not a design course – this course will teach you how to run a business, and how to grow it.

Use this course to infuse life into your fashion business, learn new strategies, embrace new opportunities and grow your business prowess.

Industry Insider video interviews

Access hours of video interviews with Industry Insiders including interviews with founders of Stylerunner, Fashion Palette, White Runway, Alice in La-La Fashion Agency, Amee Boers Fashion Agency, Dead Studios, and many more.

Interview with Julie Stevanja Stylerunner
Sonya Mefaddi Fashion Palette
Rebecca Marsh White Runway
Elana Mirtsos Something Nice Boutique
Alice Fitch Alice in La-La
Fashion agent Amee Boers
Sam Moore Dead Studios
China fashion production agency
fashion stylists
zoe law
Arnnott Olssen

Course units & lessons

The course structure is designed in a way that will build on your abilities and help you to understand what’s involved in launching and marketing a fashion label.

Each week you will receive a new course unit, and each unit has multiple lessons.







You will learn

  • how to create a brand that STANDS OUT in a competitive market – from brand identity, to brand strategy and communication style
  • how to pinpoint your target market and your Ideal Buyer Persona (ideal customer)
  • how to create a marketing plan that is unique for your brand
  • how to define your marketing budget and how to allocate it
  • how to choose sales channels that are going to support your vision and growth
  • how to finalise your collection in preparation for selling – how to edit, how to allocate SKUs (stock keeping units) etc.
  • how to conduct a showing to a buyer and showroom etiquette
  • the difference between various ordering systems
  • the difference between various pricing methods currently used in the fashion industry AND how to choose the one that’s best for you
  • how to calculate your overhead expenses
  • how to calculate your sales targets
  • how to use pricing sheets
  • how to locate buyers
  • how to contact buyers
  • the things you need so you can start selling online: domain, email, SSL certificate, payment gateway, products and product photography
  • how to create an e-commerce strategy – including sales campaigns
  • how to choose the right e-commerce platform
  • how to create a visual merchandising plan for your online store
  • the difference between traffic acquisition and conversion
  • how to manage your inventory
  • how to utilise email marketing to support your growth
  • how to create a communication strategy
  • how to schedule social media updates via amazing new tools (did you know that you can schedule Instagram posts?!)
  • how to reach out to bloggers and influencers
  • how to manage accounts, sales and expenses
  • how to monitor and report on sales, marketing activities, website activity and more


You will receive templates to use in your business including:

  • 12 month sales & production calendar / schedule
  • pricing sheets template
  • sales channel template
  • overhead costs template
  • marketing plan template
  • marketing budget template

Supplier contacts

You will receive supplier details for in Australia, Asia and Europe so you can get your collections sampled and made.

Lifetime access

Once you join the course you will have lifetime access to the course content, so you can redo it at any time.

Certificate of completion

You will receive a Certificate of Completion which you can include in your CV.

Your tutor and mentor

Our founder Vanja Stace will be your tutor, so be reassured that you will have expert advice at every step.

Vanja will personally review your worksheets, provide constructive advice and is here to answer questions as they arise.

This is NOT a set and forget course – Vanja is here to guide you, mentor you and ensure you get the most out of the course and your career.

Vanja is a Fashion Business Mentor at QUT Creative Enterprises Fashion Accelerator program.

She has worked for prominent fashion houses – from bridal, ready to wear womenswear and footwear – so she has in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry from design to production to marketing to PR. She even had her own fashion label along the way so she understand the challenges startups and small businesses experience.

Student feedback

rachel mahoney

Name: Rachel
Label:  R Mahoney Design

“This course was absolutely amazing. At first, I was a bit hesitant due to the price. However, I have learnt so so much, I definitely think my first professionally manufactured collection would be a failure before it even took off.

I’ve been putting everything I’ve learnt into place. I’m currently re-branding my logo based on what I’ve learnt. I now have one font used for all everything. I was able to take all the examples of the logos, font etc. I liked to my designer, and he made it happen.

The pricing unit was unbelievably helpful. Prior to this unit, I would have never factored in the ‘overhead’ costings, and I had trouble understanding RRP, Wholesale, cost price etc. I’ve been slowly building my Shopify account, and I can’t wait to professionally launch it.

Client management was A+++

The Influencer outreach was fantastic. I can’t wait to outreach to some of these bloggers.

Honestly, this course was the best thing I could of done for my label and my knowledge.”

Helana Mckenzie

Name: Helana
Label:  Helana Mckenzie Jewellery Design

What did you most enjoy about the course?
“How relevant the material is. I had already started implementing some of the topics in my business over the last year, but to be able to get confirmation as to whether we were on the right path as well as ways to improve these areas has been invaluable.”

How has the course helped you?
“It has given my partner and I a lot of insight into the fashion industry, we have now changed how we approach potential retailers and have implemented a lot of the financial advice given.”

What can we improve?
“At this point I would find it hard to improve what you have provided in the course material as it is extremely thorough.”

Name: Camilla

“The course has been so great in getting me motivated and moving forward with really starting my label.

I had little snippets of knowledge from most of the units already, but this course has really put all of the “pieces of the puzzle” together for me.

Especially the branding and financial side of things – this information is invaluable and was really the area that I was worried about the most.

I really enjoyed the section on branding and target market. I especially liked all of the detailed information on pricing and overheads and costing/making spreadsheets.

Also the resources and links to other companies/programmes (i.e. accounting software, printers etc.) is great! A lot of these companies I had never heard of. So, so helpful.”

Name: Linsey
Label:  Girliewoo

What did you most enjoy about the course?
“I was a touch apprehensive about spending money on something I wasn’t sure would help me but I think it was probably the best investment I have made so far.

With so many aspects of business to think about while setting up shop, it was great to be able to have this guide to walk me through everything I need.

Ultimately it has saved me money and more importantly a lot of time!”

How has the course helped you?
“The course has been fabulous in helping me set up my back office.

I have developed the product but the course has shown me comprehensive yet simple ways to turn this product into a business and brand.”

Name: Christie
Label:  Christie Millinery

“The Fashion Darling marketing course has totally revolutionised the way that I do business. Before the Fashion Darling, I had no idea how to convert my passion in to a profitable business.

Within 4 months of doing the Fashion Darling program, everything changed.

I have had my headwear worn by the British Royal Family, showed at Australian Fashion Week and am currently in negotiations to stock in a major Australian department store.

None of this would be possible without the Fashion Darling.”

Name: Joanne
Label:  Vodim

“Studying a certificate 4 in fashion Design and technology at TAFE and having three children and a husband meant very busy days. I remember towards the end of my course asking my lecturer about how to now get our label ‘out there’ (as this wasn’t really covered in course content) her suggestion was to complete a marketing course on campus. Not so easy to do, when would I find the extra time away from home?

Then I discovered The Fashion Darling, and Vanja’s 6 week online marketing course for fashion businesses, I could study in my own time in my own home, I knew I had struck gold!”

Name: Fabiana
Label:  that scrunchie girl ox

“I have completed a Fashion Business & Business Administration course to better my understanding on starting a label. I have also worked for a fashion agency as an intern to gain more hands on experience in the industry behind manufacturing & selling them in show rooms to buyers.

The Fashion Darling Fashion Marketing course has helped me through this journey on how to run a business and show to start a label. I never knew this information before hand until I discovered this course.

This course has changed my life and I feel more confident in what I am doing and how I am starting my line. I am forever grateful that this has came along for my benefit into starting my own fashion business.”

Name: Nancy
Label:  David and Issak

“As a start up fashion label, I found the Launch & Grow Your Label course to be very beneficial and I personally got a lot out if it. I found the content to be so relevant with where I was at with launching my brand.

This course included so much information on so many various aspects of starting & running a label. It helped me truly define & differentiate my brand and provided me with much need marketing help.

With so much to organise, the templates & links provided were also a great help, which save me time & allowed me get organised early on.

The detail, help & advice really helped give me the confidence to know I was on the right track.

A big thanks to Vanja for all your help along the way.”

Name: Breanna
Label:  Breann’ Cameron

“The course was truly helpful and I learned so much about building a brand as well as learning more about myself as a designer.

I especially enjoyed all the examples you presented. Out of all the books I’ve read about building a brand, gave no examples..

I learned so much! My school touched on these topics but not fully enough to go out and start a business.

Even all the books I’ve read on starting a business didn’t touch everything you mention. Thank you so much!”

Enrolling now

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One payment

AUD $647

enrol now


6 x weekly payments

AUD $116.50 x 6
(total $699)

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