Master the art of fashion photography, in the studio and on location - learn e-commerce, street style and flat lay photography with fashion photographer Amy Hibbard.

Reduce competition by carving out a unique space in the fashion industry that is just yours. Learn how to identify your niche, how to qualify it, how to own it and how to keep leading the way in your niche.

Get your business ready for wholesale - learn how to organise back of house processes so that you are ready for this exciting sales channel. You will learn how to attract stockists, how to sell to buyers and conduct professional showings, when to sell (buying seasons still apply!), how to process and manage orders, when to deliver, and most importantly, how to manage the financial side of the wholesale channel.

Strategic planning is at the core of every successful business yet many fashion brands fail to create a plan. Maybe you don’t know where to start or you don’t have a clear strategy yet. Our Fashion Business Plan course will fill in these gaps and more!

8 week course to help you create a standout brand and launch your fashion label.