Client success story: ATHLÉTIQ activewear label

Athletiq activewear

I am so incredibly proud of my client Gretchen at ATHLÉTIQ activewear. I started working with Gretchen when her label was merely an idea. Our first meeting was in a coffee shop near her corporate job, where she brought sketches of her collection ideas on white office paper.

From the moment I met her I knew she had something special. I looked and her sketches and they confirmed my initial thoughts – this girl had IT. That certain something you rarely see. A mix of passion, talent and an understanding of what the market needs. In other words, she was my ideal client.

Gretchen had previously worked for a big Australian designer but even that didn’t give her a rundown on the fashion business. Where to go for samples, when to sell, how and when to pitch to retailers – all of these questions were unanswered until I came along.

We worked together on her brand (I designer her logo, swing tags, business cards) and we laid down the foundation of what the brand stands for. I also coached her long the way to give her a stable and solid foundation for her business and support in times she needed it.

Fast forward to today and Gretchen’s label is gracing the pages of Vogue, and on no other than Stylerunner co-founder Julie Stevanja. Did I also mention that ATHLÉTIQ is exclusively available at Stylerunner, the world’s premier luxury activewear store?


Gretchen had the talent and needed guidance, she needed a fashion business coach who could help her achieve her vision.

Athletiq activewear

If you need guidance in your business please reach out because with your talent and my fashion business coaching approach we can achieve great things.

I look forward to helping you achieve great things just like Gretchen.

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