How to get more traffic to your online store

You have spent hours creating and producing your product, you've slaved over a business plan and secured financial backing. You've ...
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Competitor research AKA why you need to know what everyone else is doing

Businesses, no matter how unique, do not exist in a bubble. The success of your business is directly affected by ...
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avoid burnout

How to avoid burnout so you can keep creating

There is no denying the rewards of starting your own business; working for yourself, setting your own hours, exploring your ...
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Top 5 mistakes new entrepreneurs make

Create your own destiny. Be your own boss. For decades, the siren song of starting your own business has called ...
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gucci ss2017 rtw

Gucci Spring Summer RTW 2017 at Milan Fashion Week

The sun descending in the west The evening star does shine The birds are silent in their nest And I ...
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fashion marketing course

Fashion Darling TV: When do I hire marketing help for my label?

If you're wondering when to get marketing help for your business this week's episode is for you! ...
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fashion label startup

Fashion Darling TV: How do I make my established fashion label profitable?

Running a fashion business is no picnic - there is no fast track to success and no magical blueprint for ...
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[Free webinar] Sell your fashion line into stores

I'm always asked what buyers look for and how to sell into stores so I am hosting a FREE webinar ...
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Fashion lookbooks – why you need them and how to make them great

If you’ve ever approached a store to stock your line you would have had them ask for a lookbook. So ...
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promotional strategies marketing

Promotional strategies for new brands

Promoting a brand new business entails more work than most business owners probably anticipate. It takes a lot of preparation ...
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When to hire a Marketing Manager for your label?

Too busy to write a blog, post on Instagram, or network with influencers in your industry? Is marketing falling to ...
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What is Affiliate Marketing and how to make it work for you

Affiliate marketing is a way for brands to earn extra income by having bloggers, influencers and customers promote their products and ...
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Milan Woman Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016 Gucci

6 tools that help you predict fashion trends

Ever wish you could to stay on top of fashion trends with less reading and less stress? Trend forecasting is so ...
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Athletiq activewear

Client success story: ATHLÉTIQ activewear label

I am so incredibly proud of my client Gretchen at ATHLÉTIQ activewear. I started working with Gretchen when her label was ...
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starting a fashion business

5 reasons why you need to learn fashion business (or learn to like losing money)

"I've been sewing and designing clothes for the past few years. I'm trying to step out and make a name ...
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5 reasons your business will fail this year

Businesses fail every day. They all start so eager and bright-eyed only to discover it's a non-stop hustle and effort ...
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How to avoid making launch mistakes and survive in business

You know that feeling, where you feel with every ounce of your being that you’re destined for great things? Yeah, ...
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Why is our Fashion Business Course different?

This course teaches branding, pricing, sales, marketing and business strategy for fashion brands. There are other courses on the market ...
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how to start a fashion line

How to start a fashion line and make it a success

Ready to launch your own brand? A lot of people fear the idea of starting their own fashion label because ...
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fashion blogger

7 fashion blogs you need to start following today

Running a fashion business all by yourself can dull your creativity. With all the management and marketing tasks involved, it’s ...
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fashion business course

Fashion marketing Sydney: what I can do for your label

I'm Vanja Stace and I'm a fashion marketing consultant in Sydney but I have clients from around the world. Brunei, ...
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how to start a fashion business

How to start a fashion business

Thinking of starting a fashion business? Whether you plan to design your own pieces or resell other people's designs, the ...
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fashion designing career

Turn fashion designing into a career

Getting a foothold in the fashion industry can be daunting and exciting at the same time. Fashion is one of the ...
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fashion photography

10 exquisite fashion photography portfolios

A good fashion photographer can help you shape your brand. He/she will execute your vision in a series of poignant, moving, dynamic ...
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Tips for starting a profitable business

Starting a business in the fashion industry isn’t much different from any other field: you have to start thinking like ...
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Fashion marketing basics – how to get started

Fashion marketing is as dynamic as the fashion industry itself. What worked 10 years ago may no longer work today ...
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How to get the most out of your marketing plan

A solid marketing plan is one of the foundations of a successful fashion business. The fashion industry is hugely competitive ...
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How to choose your marketing mix

In one of my previous posts, I talked about the importance of having a business plan when starting a fashion ...
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Starting a fashion business? Here’s what you need to know

In 2013, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted a study that showed 24 percent of businesses failed after one ...
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10 reasons why public relations are important

As small business owners we try our best to manage everything from planning to execution and squeeze our shoestring budgets ...
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