5 reasons why you need to learn fashion business (or learn to like losing money)

starting a fashion business

“I’ve been sewing and designing clothes for the past few years. I’m trying to step out and make a name for myself, and turn this hobby into a business.”


“I’ve never studied business and I’m not sure where to start.”


“I’m in the early stages of launching my business. I work in marketing but fashion is new to me and I would love some support and guidance in making my label be the best it can be.”


“My biggest problem in business is not knowing enough about marketing, PR and selling (the business side of fashion).”


“I need the tools to start my business. I just completed a fashion design degree and I need business experience.”


Does the above sound like you?

We get enquiries from designers and new fashion entrepreneurs every day and what we commonly see is that while they have a product to sell, the talent and drive, they don’t have any business experience.

Even if you studied fashion design you are likely to have ZERO business experience. Fashion degrees create designers, not entrepreneurs. Designers sit in a job and they produce. Entrepreneurs bust their behinds day in, day out, trying to make a name for themselves and in turn change the industry they are operating in.

Once upon a time I had my own label and a fabulous product to sell. I had a retail store, a wholesale arm of the business and a team behind me. I knew nothing about the fashion business and even less about marketing. Needless to say my experience as a new business owner was challenging, costly and heartbreaking.

I worked my little butt off for years only to be robbed by some karmically challenged person and I lost everything. I didn’t have enough money in the bank to survive and I had to close and get a job.

And that felt great. NOT!

See that’s the difference between surviving and actually being profitable. If I was truly profitable I would have cash in the bank and I could have stepped over this shitty experience and kept going. Instead, I was in a desk job and at the mercy of my employer.

This is why I studied business and marketing and why I absorbed every ounce of information that could have helped me back then. I now help others with their own labels, and I helped them go from struggling to profitable.

Without further ado, here are the 5 reasons why you need to learn fashion business or learn to like losing money.

edm-numbers1Reason one: so you can get steady sales

Without sales you don’t have a business, you have a hobby. A hobby drains your resources and a business brings money in.


edm-numbers2Reason two: so you can quit your day job

Let’s face it, you’re not happy in your day job. You were born to do your own thing, and this job feels like you’re lying to yourself on a daily basis.


edm-numbers3Reason three: so you can use your talent!

Your calling is waiting. I believe that if we don’t follow our destined path that we get sick. Time is ticking and you can change the course of your life NOW.


edm-numbers4Reason four: so you can start living your life

Imagine having your own timetable, without having to ask anyone if you can take a day off to see a sick friend, or to stay home with your dog who isn’t feeling well, or to take a last minute 2 week trip to Paris? Wouldn’t that be nice?


edm-numbers5Reason five: so you can change lives

When you have your own business you not only change your life and the lives of your family members but you also help those you employ, as they are also looking for ways to earn an income doing what they love.


If you’re ready to change where you are and embrace your talent then join us in our fashion business course.


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