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A good fashion photographer can help you shape your brand. He/she will execute your vision in a series of poignant, moving, dynamic and mesmerising images which become the key visual component in your campaign.

Choosing the photographer that fits your brand can be tough – there are so many talented individuals working in the industry. Initially look at their portfolio and get a feel of their style and specialty. Also look at their client list and see which brands their worked with, that will tell you of their creative direction and their pricepoint.

I’m a firm believer in paying talent instead of trying to do everything yourself. The benefit of hiring a professional fashion photographer is that you will get a skilled, trained, experienced artist who will help you achieve your vision. Choosing a photographer who has a name and existing networks (social media specifically) is a bonus – they will tell their networks of your project and give you some exposure that way.

Regardless of where your brand sits in the market you need to start associating with brands (photographers, makeup artists, stylists) who suit your brand’s ethos so choose suppliers who fit your niche.

In this week’s post, I’ve put together a list of Australia’s top fashion photographers for your inspiration.

Alexandrena Parker

Alexandrena was raised in Victoria and moved to Melbourne in 2008 to study Bachelor in Photography at RMIT. She graduated with distinction and she is now under the management of The Kitchen Management in Sydney. You will enjoy her raw photos of childrens’ editorial and she has an amazing collection of advertising work that has been featured in numerous lifestyle magazines.

Dakota Gordon

Dakota’s brilliant tumblr page caught the attention of ONLY NYC, a fashion label. She is a self-taught photographer.

Caitlin Worthington

She began her photography journey at age 15. Caitlin loves to create pictures that make the viewer feel as if they were in a dream. Her portfolio is a combination of mesmerizing portraits, editorial shots, and brilliant creatives. She caters to commercial, domestic, and fashion.

Nicole Cooper

Nicole is a wildly successful fashion photographer based in Sydney. Her top-tier clients include Vogue, Asos, Louis Vuitton, Westfield Sydney, and Microsoft.

Luicia Pang

Her colourful fashion photos show this young photographer’s penchant for vibrant hues. In 2011, Tumblr.com flew her to NYC to cover Fashion Week S/S 2012 and she also began collaborating with Maybelline in the same year. Check out her portfolio for her fun and colourful editorials.

Cameron Mackie

Cameron’s natural style gets him to capture the finer details to create a picture that tells a story. He enjoys capturing moments from day to day encounters including weddings, fashion, and landscapes. Cameron’s Instagram is also a fashion photography haven!

Jason Schembri

Jason’t flawless fashion photography portfolio is to die for. His long list of clients include Aqua Blu, Heaven , Saveus , Manzoni Accessories , ToniMay , Aztec Rose, Shallow, Roger + Peach, Lucespace Hair Salon just to name a few.

Jake Terrey

He is a household name for Vogue Australia. Jake has worked with supermodels Miranda Kerr and Sarah Murdoch.

Mark Sullivan-Bradley

Mark’s categories include fashion, beauty, swimwear, intimates and more. He is well-versed in the photographic industry and has worked with international clients through his business Public IMG.

Henry Lobaczewski

Henry’s popular for his dream-like photos that are famous all over the world. His portfolio shows his unique talent for creating fantasy-like shots that are euphoria-inducing. He started his photography career at Lorna Jane as an Art Director.


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