Fashion business coach

You’ve been thinking about starting your label or you’ve been running for a little while but nothing amazing has happened yet.

You’re not sure how to take things to the next level, what to do first, where to invest and focus on.

There is so much to think about and you just wish someone would help you through it.

Business coaching can help!

Fashion is a unique industry and you need someone with experience in this area to help you navigate your way.

Mini strategy session

30 minute phone session
AUD $180

course students receive 20% off coaching sessions

Full strategy session

60 minute phone session
AUD $350

course students receive 20% off coaching sessions

What you can expect

We start by getting together virtually (via Skype / phone) and we chat about your business, about you as an entrepreneur, about your goals and the challenges you are facing.

You might need to get a second opinion on your approach, or help in formulating a strategy.

Coaching sessions will be tailored to you specifically and we can adjust our approach once we start working together.

All you have to do is take the first step and I will take care of the rest.

Christie Murray
CHRISTIE Millinery

It’s been an absolute delight working with Vanja. I can honestly say that I have got more out of 2 sessions with Vanja than I did out of 9 months of working with other business coaches.

She gets me, my aesthetic and my industry and is very generous with her knowledge. Every session she has gone above and beyond what I ever expected.

I have a much clearer direction for my business now and the steps that I need to take to achieve my goals.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Vanja’s services to any emerging or established fashion label.


Ever since our first meeting, Vanja’s dedication and enthusiasm has continued to impress me; not only is Vanja extremely passionate about what she does, but she has a genuine interest in her clients and their success. Her passion for helping her clients is evident even after a single meeting, and the amount of effort Vanja puts into each piece of work is astounding – and exceeds my expectations every time!

The fact that Vanja has worked in most areas of the fashion industry and actually endured the process of starting a business herself, means she possesses priceless knowledge and experience that can’t be learnt from a textbook. Not only does she possess such knowledge, but she also has the ability to explain things simply and the patience to field even my stupidest questions – a skill in its own right!

Having Vanja’s guidance has completely taken the stress and confusion (and sheer terror) out of starting a business, and given me a much better understanding of the entire process. She is as close to a business guardian angel as you can get, and without her guidance and unwavering support, I probably would have failed before I even started!